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Daniel Delaney, Founder of Delaney Policy Group




Daniel J. Delaney is the founder and principal of the Delaney Policy Group.  Harvard-trained with more than fifteen years of experience in legislative and regulatory affairs, and advocacy. Dan brings a rare combination of elite policy expertise, hands-on experience, and a facility for effective communication to his work.  Specializing in public health, health care, community development, and grass-roots/grass-tips advocacy and strategic engagement, the Delaney Policy Group is uniquely poised to serve your governmental affairs and policy development needs.

What we do...

We are your #1 resource for strategic and comprehensive policy, political and regulatory consulting services.  Whether your organization has a regulatory need or plans a major public policy campaign, our team of experienced professionals is here to help.  Our knowledge spans a broad range of disciplines, so you can rest assured our strategies are tested and proven.


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