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Legislative Advocacy

Legislative action can advance or hinder your business goals.  We'll go to work for you with a deep understanding of the process and the players to ensure the best possible outcome.


We operate in multiple states throughout the Northeast, including Massachusetts, New York, and New Hampshire.  Whether your organization seeks budgetary support, a legislative change, or needs to educate policymakers of the impacts of a potential new law, DPG has the relationships and the process expertise to help you succeed.

Regulatory Support

DPG is fully committed to helping your organization stay updated on regulations that affect your business.  When policymakers contemplate new regulations, we help companies understand their impact and engage in the process before final approval.


At all levels of government, regulations are where it gets real for businesses and organizations.  With a unique mix of subject matter expertise and relationships across the political spectrum, DPG will work closely with you to identify the best strategy to help you meet your goals and to fight for action on your priorities.

Strategic Communication

Effective communication is essential to the success of your company.  DPG has the expertise to make sure your message is delivered to the right people, at the right time, in the right way.  Our expertise in proactive and responsive communication strategies will help your organization put its best face forward. When crises do arise, to minimize the impact and get critical information out there, all the while remaining sensitive to the concerns of stakeholders.


Our partners round out this effort with a robust suite of services that will advance your message where people live, online.

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