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If your project has a local impact, we can help you engage officials and the community at the municipal level to effectively communicate the benefits of your presence.






With many years of experience crafting and consulting on state policies and statutes, we will work with you to craft a strategy designed to secure the best possible results.



Federal policies are playing an unprecedented role in local and state activities.  We will help you get your message to federal leaders and policymakers for the benefit of those you serve.


Whatever your objectives, Delaney Policy Group will partner with you to get results.

We are your #1 resource for strategic and comprehensive policy, political, and regulatory consulting services.  

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Legislative Advocacy

Legislative action can advance or hinder your business goals.  We'll go to work for you with a deep understanding of the process and the players to ensure the best possible outcome.

Regulatory Support

DPG is fully committed to helping your organization stay updated on regulations that affect your business.  When policymakers contemplate new regulations, we help companies understand their impact and engage in the process before final approval.

Strategic Communication

Effective communication is essential to the success of your company.  DPG has the expertise to make sure your message is delivered to the right people, at the right time, in the right way.

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